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Reception's First Outing

Reception's First Outing

The great day finally arrived when Reception boarded the minibus for their first ever trip together.On a minibus Our destination was Alton Manor, a beautiful house with stunning gardens in Idrideghay.  The children could hardly contain their excitement, although I had two slightly disappointed boys who thought we were travelling by jet and going on scary rides!!!!  We left Bakewell basking in glorious sunshine and arrived at Alton Manor in the most incredible downpour which lasted until we clambered back onto the bus!

 Reception have fun in the rain  Autumnal Fun in Reception

Reception visit Alton Manor  Reception on an outing

This did not deter my class of intrepid explorers who popped on their hoods, took out their magnifying glasses and set off into the woods to forage for autumnal goodies. We were not disappointed - the bags were quickly filled with conkers, beech nuts, twigs, leaves, acorns and even a puff ball.

Autumnal Fun for ReceptionFallen trees were climbed, puddles were stamped in, wellies got stuck in the mud and we all got drenched. The best things of all were the squeals of delight, the laughter and endless discussions that could be heard deep within the woods! Once again a huge thank you to Claire Harrison for allowing us to play in her amazing outdoor classroom.