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Rocket Week at S. Anselm's

Rocket Week at S. Anselm's

Last week was Rocket Week here in sunny Derbyshire and all of the children participated in lots of cross-curricular learning activities on the subject of rockets.


We responded to the theme of 'Rocket Week' in Art by creating mono-prints with Yr 6 . Yr 2 created some lovely collaged rockets -which can be seen on display in Pre-prep. A large rocket ship has also been under construction. This has been designed and made by Amber Harcus in Yr8. We hope to get the handprint of every pupil from Yr2-Yr8 onto the Rocket in time for Arts Evening this Thursday. We look forward to seeing you there!


Junior Years

A range of fabulous Rocket poetry was produced in a variety of structures, video clips and Rocket facts were studied, some maths was integrated and a number of science and technology investigations occurred.

Here we see some Year 5 investigating thrust in buggies after looking at the amazing Bloodhound.



Year 3 had a wonderful week studying rockets. The children looked at shape poems and designed their own version based on bonfire night. They also wrote an acrostic poem all about rocket fireworks. In Science Year 3 were challenged to make their paper firework shoot across the classroom using only some string, a balloon and a straw. Shrieks of delights could be heard as the pupils tested out their ideas! Maths lessons were centred on the theme of ‘angles and directions’ in order to send a rocket up into space. Finally the pupils enjoyed creating a Space Rocket poster in the ICT room using publisher. What a busy week!



Year 4 wrote stories with a rocket theme and building Balloon Rockets to test thrust as a pushing force. These were tested twice, once as a plain balloon and secondly as a modified version with fins and wings attached to see if this made a difference to the distance travelled. The results caused much hilarity as various rockets covered a distance of over 7 metres while others only moved 7cm! 


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