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S. Anselm's Arts Evening Thursday 13th November

S. Anselm's Arts Evening Thursday 13th November

Last Thursday, we had our second Arts Evening which turned out to be another great success. Celebrating achievements in Music, Art, Drama and English, the Arts Evening showcased a diverse range of creative work and the wonderful array of talents our pupils have. The theme for this year’s Arts Evening was ‘The Time Machine Rocket’ and we set it in the future, at a time when the world was in chaos and needed answers. This gave us scope to go back and forward in time and space, linking in to a range of ‘Experts’ who were reporting back on their mission and learning more about their field of expertise and allowed us to broach some challenging work, such as musicians playing Also Sprach Zarathustra, an eerie interpretation with masks of the first chapter of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and a giant iron man sculpture (with piercing red laser eyes), built live on stage by Y4 and Mrs Bennion.

Pupils worked with enthusiasm and energy to produce large-scale art pieces, working to the theme of space, time and movement. Mrs Bennion was really impressed with the effort shown and the high standards achieved. The Futurist Art Movement was used to inform the outcomes. Much of the work encouraged team-work and co-operation to produce group pieces. Other smaller scale works of art were photographed and projected onto the screen, forming a fantastic backdrop to many of the musical and dramatic pieces.

We had a wide range of musical offerings from around the world from djembe drumming to ukele and guitar strumming, songs from Africa, the Wild West, Estonia, Peru, Germany and the Ukraine and some even involved pupils singing in different languages! Junior Choir, Chapel Choir, Close Harmony Group, the Saturday morning Junior Extras Group, Y4 and 5, Y6 and Y7 all entertained the audience with different songs during the evening.

This year, we also included a ‘Poetry Jukebox’ allowing those pupils preparing for their ESB examinations, an opportunity to perform a poem of their choice. Under the guidance of Mr Carr, the audience ‘voted’ on the poems they would like to hear first. Inspired poets also read aloud their work.

There was a plethora of dramatic talent on show too; monologues delivered by Miriam A, Tara O and Sophie C, movement pieces to music, poetry and film and a piece of devised physical theatre from some of the Year 8’s. Whilst some pieces were atmospheric and serious, there were also shades of light such as the comical Monster Mash routine! The Drama Extras Group created their ‘Expert’ characters and linked the evening together with dialogue. The Arts Expert, Daisy L, brought the evening to an end with a speech proving the value of the arts and leading in to a rousing chorus of ‘Ode to Joy’. This culminated with the screen being withdrawn to reveal a stage filled with stunning artwork, a large-scale rocket (created by Amber H) with the Captain (Jack P) inside waving goodbye.

Well done to all involved for putting on a fantastic evening of entertainment and thank you to all the staff and pupils for all of your hard work.

Helen Hunter and Jenny Bennion

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