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S. Anselm's Boarders go Camping and Fishing...

S. Anselm's Boarders go Camping and Fishing...

Camping, Fly Fishing and Cinema

The Heavens Opened would be an excellent title for a short story about this weekend! Fortunately our tough and enthusiastic boarders remained excited and up for our camping weekend. Mr and Mrs G Ludlam had stocked up the fridges with delicious gourmet burgers and sausages and we couldn’t let them down.

After sport on Saturday and a memorable win for the girls in the first ever girls’ cricket match at S. Anselm’s the boarders packed their bags and prepared for a soggy evening of camping. As we loaded the bus we were getting drenched as warnings of flash floods and huge puddles started appearing. Instead of wimping out it was wonderful to see the boarders rushing off to get spare clothes and more importantly their swimwear, after all if you are going to get wet you may as well go all out!

Fortunately on arrival the rain started to lighten as we took our opportunity to erect our own little tent village. A sea of orange tents provided by School and some more modern tents from Mrs Ludlam were put up in record time as we got the BBQ heated up and the meat on. A feast was enjoyed with huge numbers of thick burgers and sausages coated in plenty of ketchup were devoured. With plenty of light left some boarders headed to the lake for boat rides while others opted to kick a ball around and some were enjoying the fire pit keeping warm and drying out.

It was a night full of great food, laughter, ghost stories with Shea leading the way with a terrific story about a house with a picture of a clown, which each night slightly changed appearance and location…and as the evening started to darken and the full moon appeared we could hear werewolves and the nearby cows becoming agitated. Maybe there was something spooky that night? Fortunately our fears were overruled by some of the largest marshmallows and smaugs you could imagine! Campfire singing rounded off an excellent evening.

We woke up at around 6am with the sun shining. We knew it was going to be a good day and most had slept superbly. The bacon was on the BBQ filling the campsite with mouth-watering smells as the queue for a bacon butty or croissant got larger. Soon after we had our fill some of the boys headed down to the river to wash away the tiredness. Soon enough challenges were set as press-ups were done in the middle of the river and dams were built and rebuilt. Max and Luke came up with the idea of creating our very own flash flood as they sat in the waterfall creating a huge build up which when they stood up released a flood of rushing water into the suspecting victim lying below.

We got back to School in good spirits and having had the most wonderful evening. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Ludlam and the boys for hosting over 40 boarders and to Mrs Brailich and Miss Phillips who came and braved the elements! We had lunch and made our way to the cinema to watch the Jungle Book.

A weekend of achievement and new experiences for most. Well done to all and well done to the anglers who had a great Sunday on the lake competing with their rods for the largest and most fish.