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S. Anselm's Election Results

S. Anselm's Election Results

Eager pupils gathered in Hargreaves Hall during break on Thursday 7th May to await the result of the school’s election campaign. Our candidates, who had introduced themselves and set out their policies during Assembly on Friday 1st May, faced a Question Time audience on Wednesday 6th May, the day before the poll. Answering pupils’ questions, they showed a good grasp of their party’s policies on a range of issues.

An impressive 92.3% of pupils chose to vote in the election, though, sadly, 37 ballot papers had been unwittingly spoiled by being filled out incorrectly. These votes would not have changed the eventual outcome but they taught us an important lesson about voting in elections.

The final result was:

Luke D (Conservative Party) 54 votes/45%

Thomas G (The Green Party) 14 votes (11.6%)
George L (Liberal Democrat) 7 votes (5.8%)
Miriam A (Labour Party) 6 votes (5%)
Louis S (UKIP) 2 votes (5%)

Congratulations to Luke and all of the other candidates for running such impressive campaigns and for teaching us so much about this election and the importance of voting.

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