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S. Anselm's General Election

S. Anselm's General Election

Pupils are running an election over the next couple of weeks shadowing the General Election campaign. The aim of our election is to reinforce the importance of registering to vote and exercising that vote on 7th May.

Voter registration is proceeding successfully and our five candidates launched their campaigns in Assembly this morning. As in a debate, each of the five pupils has agreed to argue the case of one of the parties irrespective of any personal preferences.

Our candidates are Luke D (Conservative), George L (Liberal Democrat), Miriam A (Labour), Thomas G (Green) and Louis S (UKIP). Each laid out their party’s key policies clearly and pupils listened with attention. Many pupils have asked for a debate and the election campaign will attempt to answer the will of the people.

Pupils will vote on Thursday 7th May and our Returning Officer should be the first to announce the results

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