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S. Anselm's Halloween Zombie Chase

S. Anselm's Halloween Zombie Chase

Boarders' Halloween Week

Halloween is one of the most celebrated weeks at S. Anselm’s and the children have had another great year of festivities. On Monday’s return from half term the boarders had the opportunity to show off their costumes during the Spooky Supper and Halloween games. We have to thank Jo and Karen in the kitchen who have really set the scene for the week with some marvellous Halloween decorations in the dining room. Mrs Corner had made some great Piñata for the boarders to whack whilst blindfolded. It was funny and quite scary as some of the older ones really wrapped the witch’s baton around their shoulder before swinging over our heads in attempt to release the sweets. A favourite over the past couple of years has been the apple bob into flour to receive a sweet as a pair’s race. This again made for some great photos. Well done to Henry W and Will D who won the catwalk for the best dressed and to Teddy T who came second.


The week was organised with a variety of activities each evening there was something different for the children to get their fangs into. On Tuesday Mrs Bennion led an arty activity making ghosts out of cups and for those who had not carved a pumpkin over half term were able to design and carve their own faces into fresh pumpkins.

Mr Robinson got creative on his duty night with all sorts of materials to make mysterious posters out of pasta, glow in the dark glue. Miss Clark organised shortbread squares from the kitchen and the children were able to decorate it with funky colours and sweets. They were delicious and there were some great designs.

Mr Backhouse and Mrs Elvin had the challenge of making a spooky walk with the boarders on Thursday. The seniors all blindfolded themselves and held onto Mr Watt’s long ‘retired’ climbing rope as they were led blind through bushes, up creeks, over non-existent holes in the floor with bits of leaves and spaghetti (intestines) touching their faces as they reached the sports hall for a game of murder in the dark. Fortunately the sports hall has the ability to be pitch black which makes it great for games. With a deck of cards we had a good few games. The cards were handed out secretly. If you drew an Ace it meant you were a murderer and had to kill as many as possible in the dark before the lights were turned on. If you drew a King it meant you were the Policeman and would have to guess who the murderer or murderers were once the lights came on.

 Friday saw the infamous Zombie Chase as the boarding house was packed out for the evening with some great costumes. Thank you to all of the staff who got involved: the doctors who in the end did find a cure for the zombies were played by Miss Phillips and Chelsie; to Jack and George W who set the scene perfectly as at the end of supper there was a rap at the dining room window...

There was George W who had sprinted up from his house to warn the school that clowns and zombies were invading Bakewell and they were on their way up to school to take over the last safe place in town – S. Anselm’s. The children were briefed, they had to follow the clues to find the whereabouts of the doctors who were busy finding the cure (tuck). The lights in the school all went out as the zombies started to infiltrate the school gardens, walkways and corridors. Teams of 6 comprised of older and younger ones were set off on the task. For those who did not want to take part there was a zombie-free zone in the dining room. The powers of Miss Walker kept the zombies well clear and they did a colouring and creative activity with the curtains shut. For the rest it was seek or become infected. Within seconds there were shrills and terrified squeaks as the zombies jumped out from the shadows to instil terror to their bones. Fortunately most made it up to the doctors although a few managed to work out the clue which for this year was CLOWNS!

For some the sound of Mr Shepherd’s honk from his clown horn was enough as they made their way back to the safe zone. A brilliant evening and a picture of the zombie staff is below for you to see. Are you scared??

George W, Jack W, Miss Pink, Mrs Whawell, Mr Wood, Mr Robinson, Mr Percival, Mr Shepherd, Chelsie, Mr Watt, Miss Flack, Miss Phillips, Mrs Brailich
The S. Anselm’s Zombies 2016