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S. Anselm's House Swimming Gala Friday 27th May

S. Anselm's House Swimming Gala Friday 27th May

This year’s swimming galas took place on the morning of Friday 27th May, comprising of four back to back galas; the first being for the Juniors (Years 3 and 4), then the Pre-Prep (Reception, Years 1 and 2), followed by the Middles (Years 5 and 6) and culminating in the Seniors (Years 7 and 8). All in all approximately 191 pupils competed in the four galas and between them swam a total of 115 events, including individual events, medley and inter-house freestyle relays.                                                                                   

The Juniors were the first to start and did very well to be in school, registered, changed and ready to start their gala at 8.30am. They all swam well and relished the opportunity to swim in front of the supporters, giving them all plenty to cheer and clap about. The Pre-Prep Gala supporters arrived in very good time to support the races. There were a few initial wobbles amongst some of the swimmers, but these were quickly overcome and it was super to see so many children swimming with such huge smiles on their faces, cheered on by a large number of supporters. The Middles never cease to amaze me with their organisation and positivity; and it was an absolute pleasure to see them all swimming so professionally for their houses. The supporters also thoroughly enjoyed this gala and lots of the races were really, closely contested – particularly the final inter-house freestyle relay - giving adults and swimmers plenty to cheer about. There were a larger number of Year 7 and 8 swimmers this year, meaning the programme of events had to be expanded for these year groups. A lot of these races are also over two lengths; but the seniors were on form; combined with Miss Clark and Mrs Seddon’s slick marshalling; Miss Renshaw, Mrs Schaper, Mr Percival timing and Mr Wood’s quick scribbling of times and results; along with Mrs B’s prompt race starting, we were able to get through an incredible 35 events in time for the start of half term!

All of the pupils in the Pre-Prep swam in at least two relay events; whilst those in Years 3 through to 8 swam in a front crawl race, with the standard in this stroke really impressing. The Prep pupils also competed in at least one other race from individual back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly events, along with medley and front crawl relays for boys and girls. The Pre-Prep Gala culminated in a 6 length multi-stroke relay; whilst each of the Prep. Galas finished with the inter-house freestyle relay, which involved everybody in the house swimming at least one length, with the longest of these races involving teams of 19 swimmers. Medals were awarded to every swimmer of each event, excluding the inter-house relay this year and medals were also awarded in the presentations to the overall fastest boys and girls for each stroke in the individual races. The full results for each gala, including the names and times of the fastest medal winners are listed below:

Prep-Prep Gala:

  • 20m Front Crawl Relay – Churchills – Ruby Brailich, Bruno Formela, Ben Walker, Holly Kilner, Phoebe Bell, Max Grundy
  • 10m Hoop Relay – Nelsons – Freddie Leyland, Unity Norton, Phoebee Norton, Tiggy Farrell, Morris Mellor, Holly Hunter
  • 15m Board Relay – Churchills – Ruby Brailich, Edgar Tingley, Zander Bamford, Harry Heathcote, Lucy Bowker, Amelia Goodear, Edward Ingman, Bruno Formela and Holly Kilner
  • 20m Multi-Stroke Relay – Churchills – Ben Walker, Max Grundy, Phoebe Bell, Bruno Formela, Holly Kilner, Ruby Brailich.

Overall Results – 1st Churchills, 56 points; 2nd Nelsons, 44 points; 3rd Wellingtons, 36 points, 4th Pitts, 24 points.

Junior Gala:

  • Boys 20m Front Crawl – Max Hope, 16.00
  • Girls 20m Front Crawl – Harriet Manning, 15.76
  • Boys 20m Back Crawl – Charlie Bowker, 19.98
  • Girls 20m Back Crawl – Harriet Manning, 20.56
  • Boys 20m Breast Stroke – James Gregory, 22.31
  • Girls 20m Breast Stroke – Ava Burton, 23.25
  • Medley Relay – Churchills
  • Front Crawl Relay – Nelsons
  • Inter-House Freestyle Relay  – Wellingtons

Overall Results – 1st Nelsons (Winners of the Stuart Cup), 118 points; 2nd Churchills, 110 points; 3rd Wellingtons, 94 points; 4th Pitts, 80 points.

Middles Gala:

  • Boys 40m Front Crawl – Sam Unsworth, 28.25
  • Girls 40m Front Crawl – Daisy Ludlam, 30.20
  • Boys 20m Butterfly – Sam Unsworth, 15.50
  • Girls 20m Butterfly – Daisy Ludlam, 15.32
  • Boys 40m Back Crawl – Hector Mellor, 38.53
  • Girls 40m Back Crawl – Phoebe Whawell, 40.25
  • Boys 40m Breast Stroke – Joshua Nuttall, 38.00
  • Girls 40m Breast Stroke – Eleanor Blackledge, 38.69
  • Medley Relay 1 – Churchills
  • Medley Relay 2 – Wellingtons 
  • Inter-House Freestyle Relay  – Wellingtons

Overall Results – 1st Churchills, 176 points; 2nd Pitts, 172 points; 3rd Nelsons, 134 points; 4th Pitts, 114 points.

 Senior Gala:

  • Boys 40m Front Crawl – Will Unsworth, 25.03
  • Girls 40m Front Crawl – Flora Kanan, 25.86
  • Boys 20m Butterfly – Adam Seddon, 13.62
  • Girls 20m Butterfly – Flora Kanan, 13.34
  • Boys 40m Back Crawl – Russell French, 34.09
  • Girls 40m Back Crawl – Francesca Newton, 39.65
  • Boys 40m Breast Stroke – Will Unsworth, 34.53
  • Girls 40m Breast Stroke – Flora Kanan, 34.65
  • Front Crawl Relay 1 – Pitts
  • Front Crawl relay 2 - Pitts
  • Mixed Medley Relay 1 – Pitts
  • Mixed Medley Relay 2 - Pitts
  • Inter-House Freestyle Relay, Winners of Alexander Cup – Pitts

Overall results – 1st Pitts, 260 points; 2nd  Churchills, 202 points; 3rd Nelsons, 164 points; 4th Wellingtons, 158 points.

Combined Totals From All Four Galas:

1ST – CHURCHILLS                                     544 points – Winners of Anderson Swimming Cup

2ND – PITTS                                                   478 points

3RD = WELLINGTONS & NELSONS        460 points.


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