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S. Anselm's House Times Tables Competition

S. Anselm's House Times Tables Competition

House Times Tables Competition 2015

On Friday 1st May everyone in the school above year 2 took part in a times tables competition consisting of 100 questions of division and multiplication to be answered in five minutes and then a very difficult tie breaker to be answered in ten seconds.

Nerves were building as we waited until the clock struck twenty to nine. Everyone hurried into the first questions and answered them with ease, occasionally a few harder ones cropped up and this held a lot of people back but some people just skipped them and ventured on with the easier ones. After what seemed like seconds the time was up and it was time for the tie breaker (how many seconds are in a day). Some people knew this from general knowledge but everyone else tried their best to estimate the closest they could.

The order of the houses was:

2nd Churchills 
3rd Wellingtons
4th Nelsons 

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part.

Pitts, the winning house, fronted by individual winners Natalie G and Toby dlB.

Report by Toby dlB.

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