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S. Anselm's Sailing Regatta

S. Anselm's Sailing Regatta

It was the perfect day for the 2nd Annual S. Anselm’s Sailing Regatta. The sun was beaming and Carsington Water Sailing Club was in the hands of the boys, girls and parents of S. Anselm’s. There was not even a breath of wind on arrival when we were setting up the boats but as the morning progressed we enjoyed the odd period of wind. As we did last year and as will be custom for years to come every race started and finished on the beach “Le Mans” style. Due to the light wind the sailors would start the race sailing using only the wind, however if Mr Wood deemed the wind too light two further whistles would be blown allowing the crew of the boat to propel the boat using any methods possible. We had centre boards being used as paddles, parents and children on the front swimming and plenty more ideas (as seen in the pics).

Well done to all involved and in particular Churchills who won the House race comfortably.


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