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S. Anselm's Sailing Regatta

S. Anselm's Sailing Regatta

S. Anselm’s Sailing Regatta

After the past couple of weeks we could not believe it as we opened the curtains on Sunday morning to bright blue skies and rays of sun beaming through. It has been a magnificent past couple of weeks and it was nice to have a full boarding house back after all of the trips. The boys and girls came back full of amazing stories after the Year 6s summited Snowdon and went wild camping in Wales, the Year 7s endured a 9 hour slog up Ben Nevis but said it was the most amazing achievement and enjoyed a few days of water sports, the Junior Forms enjoyed two nights away at Ravenstor with many activities and adventures.


This Sunday saw record numbers at the S. Anselm’s Sailing Regatta. It has been a good year for sailing at S. Anselm’s as we did very well at the IAPS and more recently beat Ryde School in the Isle of Wight, After a hearty breakfast we collected our things and made our own packed lunches. As we arrived at Carsington the sailors made their way to get the boats rigged whilst the parents and children joining us went to don their wetsuits. Many thanks to Carsington who gave us the training room in which to base ourselves as well as a rescue rib, the boats and use of the canteen. There must have been over 60 bodies in the briefing as we outlined the day. The sun stayed with us all day and we had some great racing on the water. 

In the Individual Sailing races well done to Thomas G, who won the Final and was presented with the Individual Sailing Trophy 2016. It was incredible to watch his brain working on the water; looking for wind patches and calculating the angles up the beat. At Carsington there were effectively two winds, one coming on shore and one circling around the bay, making it incredibly hard to get out to the Windward mark and back in to shore. All of the races were started Le Mans style from the beach and finished on the beach. Many thanks to the parents and staff who stood in the shallows catching boats and turning them round so that we could get everyone on the water. George L and Hector M both raced superbly in their heats and enjoyed a close final. Well done to all who entered the Individual Competition, it takes much courage to go out on the water in fluky winds on your own and despite a few capsizes all made it back to land with a great sense of achievement.

In the Parent and Child races it was great to see the mums, dads, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties and grandparents jump into the boats with the boys and girls. There were some competitive starts with some great pushes from the beached spectators. Well done to the Nieper family and the Cooney family who raced superbly and The Johns read the wind to come through in their heat. In the non-sailors race it was Marta C and Seb R who came through in heir heat.

By this time the parents all had their picnics out as we basked in the sunshine overlooking the club racing. It really was a spectacular view. The Carsington SC members commented on how wonderful it was to see so many well behaved children at their club and on the water sailing.

The Parent and Staff race was great fun as they fought it out for glory. Mr Cooney came through on top and Mr Nieper, Mrs Cooney, Mr Raper and many others were in hot pursuit. My apologies as I write this without my results sheet, which got quite wet along with a boarders phone as I entered the water post racing.

After lunch we it started to get interesting, not because of the competitive nature this time but because of the sheer weight in some of the boats as we began the triple handed race. With Will D, Russell F and Max H they nearly left the term sailor behind as they became submariners. Toppers are not really designed to hold more than two small children yet we managed four as we entered the House Relay. Last year Nelsons were crowned victorious and this year it would be another heated competition. With just under 16 in each House there would have to be 4 trips out to the windward mark for each House. The wind had picked up as the first 4 started in their boats with the rest of their House behind them for the initial push. It was great to see the Houses using the rules to gain the advantage with one or sometimes two of the team on the front of the boat, Titanic style. In the end Churchills came through with a convincing win as Nelsons came second, Pitts third and Wellingtons fourth.

Well done to everyone. It was a lot of fun and it seemed everyone enjoyed not just the sun and sailing but also the swimming, capsizing and camaraderie. We went back to School where parents and family joined us for a BBQ to catch up on the day’s events. Croquet on the Headmaster’s Lawn and an enjoyable and relaxing evening. A very good end to what has been a tremendous year!!!