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S. Anselm's announces new section of school

S. Anselm's announces new section of school

Over the past 125 years, S. Anselm’s Preparatory School has provided an outstanding education that is respected nationally by senior independent schools. S. Anselm’s School takes pride in the success of the traditional prep school education that we offer. However, there is a growing interest from current and prospective parents in the provision of quality day education up to GCSE in this area. 

After looking carefully into the matter, S. Anselm’s is proud to announce the opening of a new section of the school that will teach Year 9 from September 2015. This will progress to Year 11 over the following two years. This new section of the school will be known as S. Anselm’s College.

With this plan, the Prep School and everything that makes it special will be wholly maintained. Indeed, it is the strength of the Prep School and the quality of its teaching that allows for this initiative. All the events and characteristics such as Year 8 Prefects, the Head Boy and Head Girl, Sports Day and Speech Day will continue unchanged.

The Governors remain fully committed to boarding. Boarding provision will not only continue in the Prep School but it will be developed and improved. Boarding at S. Anselm’s is a popular and realistic choice for many families. It is the very heart of our school and will remain so.

Those Prep School pupils being prepared for entry to senior public schools nationwide will continue to receive the same support and they will be encouraged to attain the same high standards that we currently expect. All pupils in the Prep School will be prepared for Common Entrance and scholarship examinations, ensuring academic rigour and high standards. The essence of our Prep School, where children remain children, is equally appealing to parents of children up to sixteen. This is, in our complex and challenging world, a unique education.

Experienced specialist teachers will be appointed to work throughout the whole school, increasing and enhancing the excellent teaching that we currently enjoy. The governors have formed a plan to redevelop the facilities so that every child will benefit from these changes.

A presentation evening in the Lent Term, 2015 will address these points whereupon further details, an information pack and application forms will be distributed. This will also give the opportunity to ask questions.

We hope that you will join us, the staff and the governors, in this new and exciting era at S. Anselm’s School.

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