S. Anselm's

A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16


At S. Anselm's we are extremely lucky to have two, very well resourced laboratories, both with interactive whiteboards and audio visual facilities.

Our philosophy within the department is to foster a real enjoyment of the subject and instil an inquisitive approach to Science. The schemes of work are designed in such a way as to permit flexibility of teaching approaches in order to allow each pupil the opportunity to maximise their individual abilities. Those who are particularly gifted at Science are encouraged to stretch themselves and are provided with many opportunities to do so. Expectations are high and a supportive and encouraging atmosphere is provided in which pupils can thrive.

In order to help stretch the very able, support any pupils who require any assistance, provide revision aids and advice in the run up to exams, numerous facilities have been put in place.

Open door policy

As a department, we operate an open door policy where pupils are positively encouraged to seek assistance as and when they require it. In the run up to exams each pupil signs up for personal revision sessions.

Science Department Website

A Science department website has been created that contains all necessary notes that are pertinent to Scholarship and CE Science. The website also contains videos of the Science staff performing particular experiments whilst explaining the theory behind them. During the periods leading up to exams, revision questions are posted on the website on a very regular basis with answers, explanations and tips provided soon afterwards. The website has been created and is run by the Head of Science and is a continually evolving resource.

The website can be found at www.sanselmsscience.co.uk and is password protected so that only pupils of S. Anselm’s are able to use it.

Science Forum

A forum has been set up that each pupil within the senior part of the school has access to. The forum enables pupils to obtain assistance during periods when it is not normally possible to do so, such as Exeats and holidays. Pupils are able to post questions on the forum as and when they need to. The Head of Science is notified immediately once a question has been posted and can respond very quickly. This has proven to be a hugely useful and vital resource for pupils and parents alike. The forum can be found at www.sanselmsscience.websitetoolbox.com and is again password protected so that only pupils of S. Anselm’s are able to view and use it.

Mr J. Watt
Head of Science