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September Sunshine in Reception

September Sunshine in Reception

The children in reception have had a spectacular first full week enjoying lots of activities both indoor and out. We turned our tuff spot into a jungle using our big animals and some of the cuttings from the garden; it was a surprise to find a little ant crawling around. We then went ant hunting to fill our ant farm but we must have frightened them all away.

Lots of the children enjoyed cooling down with the water toys, including the water pistols! The children made targets around the garden and even used them to wash the windows, thankfully the teachers all managed to stay dry!

Thursday is our regular baking day, this week we chose to make ginger oat biscuits. It was great fun to roll the mixture into little balls. Some of the children then chose to create ‘biscuits’ with the threading shapes and buttons.

Throughout the week we’ve also enjoyed learning new letter sounds, finding shapes in the garden, making sculptures in pottery, playing games in the sports hall, digging in the garden, learning songs in French and splashing around in the swimming pool. It has been a wonderful week and as home time on Friday arrived it was clear to see the children had all enjoyed their start to school in the sunshine. Let’s hope it can continue!