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Ski Trip Thursday 21st January

Ski Trip Thursday 21st January

Our penultimate day started with bright sunshine and it lasted all day long. Brilliant!

It was chance now for the more advanced groups to whiz down the slalom course . In fact three of the four groups skied down the steep run but with just the top two recording a time. The teachers and the instructors were quite taken back with the speed and agility on display - the children raced hell for leather, gliding down with confidence and perfect turns.

The sunshine also encouraged everyone to have a play: it was back to the snow park for more jumps and a visit to another area for table jumps. Again vast areas of the ski resort were visited.

Ski Trip 2016

The evening's entertainment started with a bus ride back to Tignes le Lac for a sports hall session: football, netball, table tennis, badminton and even a 50 m track race were all on the agenda! On return we were re-energised with yet another lovely meal before we were transported into a realm of spectacle and mystery by Flo, the hotelier by day and magician by night . The children were in awe and were left wondering about how to re-enact the tricks for their friends on their return. 

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