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Speedwell Cavern visit

Speedwell Cavern visit

Boarders’ Report

The boarders, and indeed the entire school, have had a wonderfully busy week. With Halloween celebrated fully and the House Steeplechase on Saturday the boarders were ready to relax. On Saturday evening the boarders donned their warm clothes as we enjoyed the huge bonfire and spectacular firework display. The parents and children seemed to absolutely love it and the BBQ and bar tents were enjoyed by all.

With the evenings drawing in early after such a busy day it felt like it was time for bed. The look on the boarders’ faces when we told them they still had Saturday Night Treat to look forward to was priceless. A new lease of life ensued through the ranks as they ran upstairs to get a warm shower and dress into comfies ready for the film accompanied by pizza. The Seniors managed to squeeze in a couple of films watching Red and Planet of the Apes and the Juniors watched Toy Story III and Minions. It was a great end to a fabulous day.

With wake up at 9am the boarders had a lie in. They were allowed to go down to play board games and watch TV from 8.30am as some were keen to catch up on the weekend’s sport. Unfortunately Mr P was not pleased with Wales as they were thrashed by Australia!!

After breakfast the Year 8s enjoyed their trip down to Bakewell whilst the children in Year 7 and below went to the Sports Hall to play uni-hock. The Innovation Studio was then opened at 11am as the boarders could choose between coding and playing with the Lego, free swim or Sports Hall games. Lunch was at 12 noon with cheese, ham and cheese and ham toasties with tomato soup. There were still some delicious cupcakes left over from the bonfire and house stalls which we enjoyed for dessert.

The afternoon activity was visiting Speedwell Cavern in Castleton. We had the most picturesque drive over from Bakewell with some attractive autumnal views over the tops. When we arrived we were taken down 106 narrow, steep and slippy into the old lead mine. At the bottom we were met by Simon, our guide for the day. We all got on the boat as he took us half a mile down into the caverns. We learnt about how the miners would have burnt pig fat for candle light and this was likely to have taken a number of years off the miners’ life expectancy, along with the emitted radon gas and hot temperatures. It was great fun and enjoyed by all. On return we had a great game of boys and girls 5-a-side and some chose to relax and play with their Rubik’s cube. Others chose to go back to the Innovation Centre to continue with their robot building.

It was great to see so many parents at Sunday Supper and we thoroughly enjoyed Ella H playing ‘I don’t mean a thing’ on her saxophone and Will D on his trumpet who blasted out Jerusalem.