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Splash Landings Sunday 22nd March 2015

Splash Landings Sunday 22nd March 2015

On Sunday the boarders rose bright and early looking forward to the action packed day ahead. After an amazing cooked breakfast, Mr Wood took off his Under 13 team to the Oundle 7s tournament.

The remaining children set off in 2 minibuses towards Splash Landings, Alton Towers, accompanied by Mr Mortimer, Miss Flack, Miss Southam, Mr Shepherd and Mr Farrar. Freddie and Humphrey M met us there, along with Louis S and Natalie G. After sorting out tickets, 20p pieces for the lockers and finalising meeting times and locations the boarders literally dived into the activity, accompanied by the more game (or childlike!) members of staff.

First off was the Master Blaster, a massive ring flume that circumvents the whole park. This exciting ride also had the longest waiting times but it was definitely worth it. A memorable moment was when Ben R tried to sneak past the queue and join right at the top only to get death-stares from the other patrons! He soon admitted defeat and joined the bottom. Kyle C and Mr Shepherd had a great time going down together and Mr Mortimer’s long legs nearly managed to jam the ride when he went down with James C.

After a quick snack, people enjoyed the rest of the park: the lazy river, other flumes, aqua climbing frame, hot pools and swimming areas. Mr Mortimer and Mr Farrar took great pleasure in launching willing kids down the outside flumes, but the over-zealous pool side attendants curtailed this fairly sharpish. By 3 o’clock everyone was about ready to leave so we had a sandwich, waved goodbye to Humphrey and set off for Bakewell.

An hour of free time followed, then there was the fantastic roast prepared by the wonderful ladies in our kitchen. After this, Mr Wood and his rugby players returned so everyone exchanged stories of the fun that they had had. Letter writing and quiet reading wound down the exciting day.