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Sports Day Round-Up

Sports Day Round-Up

Sports Day 2014 is a Record Breaker!

The weather may not have broken any records and was not on a par with that experienced in the previous week, but that didn't stop our pupils from Reception to Year 8 being on fine form and thoroughly enjoying competing in the Inter-House Sports Day. The day kicked off with some super performances on the track by our Pre-Prep pupils in the more technical events of the day – egg and spoon, bean bag and bucket; along with the sack race. All of them had huge smiles on their faces and the Pre-Prep events finished with their inter- house shuttle relay, which Churchills won quite convincingly.

The Prep Sports Day event proved to be a record breaker, with 4 Millennium Records being broken and one being equalled in the course of this year's 106 events. The jubilant record breakers are listed below, well done to you all, along with the winners of the individual cups and our new victor / victrix ludorums.

Record Breakers:

Isobel Elwood - Junior Girls 300m - 61.0 sec                  
Rufus Ludlam - Junior Boyss 300m – 62.2 sec                        
Angus Edwards - Senior Boys High Jump  - 1.58m  
James Lindebaum, - Senior Boys 800m - 2.29 min                                       
Mwela Mfula - Senior Boys 100m – record equalled - 12.7 sec      

The competition was so tight in the victor / victrix ludorums and in two of them two athletes tied and shared the award.

Victor / Victrix Ludorums:

Junior Girls Victrix Ludorum     Amelia Elwood             
Middle Girls Victrix Ludorum – Felicity Stokes                
Senior Girls Victrix Ludorum – Emily Howard & Imogen Nieper
Junior Boys Victor Ludorum – Alec Formela 
Middle Boys Victor Ludorum – Shea John  
Senior Boys Victor Ludorum – Mwela Mfula and James Lindebaum

Cup / Trophy Winners 2014:

The Taylor family kindly donated a new cup this year for the senior girls’ javelin - thanks to them for their generosity!          
Senior Boys 100m Harrop Cup  - Mwela Mfula                                  
Senior Girls 100m Head Cup – Emily Howard       
Senior Boys 200m Fox Cup – Mwela Mfula                 
Senior Girls 200m Roddick Cup – Emily Howard  
Senior Boys 400m Wood Cup – Henry Ludlam       
Junior Girls 800m Renshaw-Smith Cup – Isobel Elwood        
Middle Boys 800m Potters Cup – Shea John   
Senior Girls 800m Renshaw-Smith Cup – Imogen Nieper    
Senior Boys 800m Johnson Cup – James Lindebaum   
Senior Girls 1,500m Renshaw-Smith Cup – Imogen Nieper 
Senior Boys 1,500m Johnson and Dean Cup – James Lindebaum  
Senior Girls Javelin, Clare Taylor Cup – Lily Hunter

This year the boys once again began on the track and all of the girls on the field events; with them swapping half way through. The more specialised events such as the middle distance and hurdling track events, along with javelin, discus and high jump were very popular with the supporters and full credit to Angus Edwards for his amazing record breaking jump, which gave the crowd plenty to cheer about! The atmosphere on top field was once again amazing, with all of the pupils relishing the events they had been selected for, demonstrating this in the way they approached and performed in them, with their level of enthusiasm and determination being faultless. A huge thank you to all of our fabulous sports staff, who have all worked tirelessly to ensure our athletes are of the calibre that we witnessed, and to the pupils themselves for their hard work in PE lessons, games and squad sessions.

Plenty of relatives and family friends came along to support and enjoy the catering team’s sumptuous cupcakes and hot drinks, led by Julie Greatrex. The atmosphere for the final events, the 'Paul Crocombe Whole School Relay' and Tug of War, proved to be electric. At the final count Wellingtons were the victors for the second year in a row, but all of the houses deserve credit for their fabulous performances. All in all a super day, with all of the S. Anselm's staff from catering, medical, admin, facilities, maintenance and teaching playing their part to ensure the day was slick, enjoyable for all and highly exciting!

1st – WELLINGTONS – Blackburn Cup     1105 points                                                

2nd – CHURCHILLS                                           1036 points                                                            

3rd – PITTS                                                          891 points                                         

4th – NELSONS                                                   825 points


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