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Stone Age Shelters and Drama

Stone Age Shelters and Drama

Year 3 Stone Age Shelter Building

After researching their topic all about the Stone Age, the Year 3 pupils have spent the last week designing and making a mini Stone Age shelter. They have used similar materials and techniques to those that would have been used all those years ago and have had lots of fun throughout! After the frame was constructed from sticks, they had to make it water tight using animal skins, turf, bark, leaves, mammoth tusks, bones and stones. Some fluffy, furry animal skin was used to line the floor of the shelter, with bedding and pillows made from animal fur and moss!


The pupils then had to think of how to make a door that would open and close to keep the tribe safe at night. Creating a warm fire near the shelter entrance, a spit for cooking food, seating area, spear rack and drying rack completed the project! After reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of the finished product, we now need to use it as a teaching aid to educate the Year 2 pupils all about life in the Stone Age!

In order to add another dimension and further consolidation of our Stone Age topic, Year 3 enthusiastically performed a series of plays based loosely on the story “Stone Age Boy” by Satoshi Kitamura.  The children were divided into three groups who independently decided upon their roles and the actual play itself.  There were some great story lines and particularly good references to facts they had learnt in lessons, such as the different roles that members of a tribe would have. It was lovely to see the children working together so well and enjoying a “dramatic” approach to the topic.



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