S. Anselm's

A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16

Student Rights & Responsibilities

We believe that in the College, our students should be treated as young people with additional rights commensurate with their growing maturity. It is therefore important that our students understand that with greater rights, come greater responsibilties.

The following Rights & Responsibilities are central to the College ethos and are observed in everything we do:



You have the right to be part of a friendly, caring community.

  • To care for one another and support each other.
  • To take pride in your position as a member of the College.
  • To have your say; the school values your opinions and you can make a difference.
  • To be part of this community at all times, including when out of school. Do not engage in any form of cyber bullying or unnecessary acts intended to distress others.

You have the right to wear a smart, grown up uniform.

  • To ensure that you take pride in your appearance. Skirts should not be excessively rolled up and makeup should not be worn. Girls may wear stud earrings and a simple crucifix, but no other jewellery is permitted.
  • To ensure that you respect your own clothes by taking care of them and not losing, damaging or dirtying them. Please make sure that everything is named clearly. Girls should have a spare pair of tights in case they get a ladder. Mrs Seddon does have spare tights for College use.
  • To ensure that you are appropriately dressed at all times, including wearing your blazer to and from school. Blazer badges must also be worn.
  • To respect others’ uniforms in the same way.

You have the right to excellent and engaging lessons.

  • To try your hardest in lessons. This should be reflected in Interim and report effort grades.
  • To ask whenever you are unsure.
  • To be prompt to lessons and stick to the timetable.
  • To make sure preps are done to an appropriate standard and handed in on time. If an extension is needed, it is your responsibility to find your subject teacher and ask for one. If you miss lessons, it is your responsibility to catch up on missed work.
  • To not distract others during lessons and so detract from their learning.
  • To remember at all times that you are primarily at school to work. This is the most important thing to ensure.

You have the right to use the Common Room and its facilities, the kitchen and the gardens.

  • To take pride in this space and look after it; it is a privilege.
  • To only use the Common Room during appropriate times. This does not include the start of prep or registration.
  • To keep all College areas clean, to tidy up after yourselves and to not leave your belongings lying around.
  • To ensure that personal possessions are stored appropriately using the designated areas. Padlocks should be used on lockers and blazers should be kept on the hooks.
  • The kitchen must be kept clean and tidy. If you make a mess, please tidy up after yourself. All dirty crockery should be placed in the dishwasher and washed, then emptied. Keep food and drink in the kitchen and dining room areas.
  • If you are on duty, please do it. It is unfair to leave this to everyone else.
  • If you are permitted to go down to Bakewell, please sign out and then in again with the office and wear your blazer. You should have parental permission before you go.

You have the right to a warm, nutritious lunch.

  • To observe appropriate behaviour during College meals.
  • To focus on having a balanced diet.
  • To avoid overindulging in snacks and biscuits at the expense of lunch.

You have the right to an engaging activity programme.

  • To have the appropriate kit with you on the correct days. Make sure this does get washed!
  • To try new activities with an open mind.
  • To show an interest in what is being offered. People put a lot of thought and effort into making the College as exciting and engaging as it is.

You have the right to an approved laptop.

  • To make sure that it is used appropriately and cared for.
  • To ensure your laptop is always in school and charged. USB sticks should also be present.
  • To keep your details secure and not use others’ equipment or profiles.
  • To not bring any other electronic equipment into College. Any mobile phones, tablets, music players, cameras and e-books will be confiscated and you will be suspended.

You have the right to be treated like young adults.

  • To act like young adults.
  • To organise yourselves at all times. You are responsible for your preps, planners and timings. Take pride in ensuring that things are done correctly.
  • To be polite and courteous at all times.
  • To show an interest in your studies and activities.
  • To be mindful of the inappropriate nature of drugs, alcohol and sexual contact. Inappropriate behaviour involving any of these will be dealt with severely, including the possibility of expulsion.
  • To behave appropriately and set a good example for the College and S. Anselm’s.