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Thank you for your harvest gifts.

Thank you for your harvest gifts.

This morning (Monday) we held our Harvest Assembly.  Against a backdrop of the harvest donations, Year 3 introduced the Assembly, using the letters of the word

H A R V E S T to explain the meaning of the celebration.

Canon Tony then rearranged the letters to make the words ‘starve’ and ‘share’ which made us consider how we could help those less fortunate than ourselves. A practical activity followed in which only some of the children received a biscuit and after deciding that this was not ‘fair’ the children halved their biscuits and shared with those who had not received anything. We finished with a traditional harvest hymn.

The harvest gifts were taken on Monday evening to High Peak Night Stop’s base in Buxton for the homeless.


Delivering the Harvest Gifts 2014

On Monday 6th October Mrs Franklin, Marcus and I went down to High Peak Night Stop in Buxton to donate the harvest gifts that people from school had donated over the past few weeks. We arrived in the late afternoon and the people at the Night Stop welcomed us straight away.

The shelter had a room full of essentials from cans of food to toiletries and tents. Just by looking at that one room we could see how this relatively small Night Stop depot can help people dramatically.

The volunteers helping were very grateful for the amount of food we had brought in. It was a great opportunity to understand more about the shelter and to meet the people who volunteer to work there and help the homeless people that come in. I hope that we have helped the shelter and that we can help them again next year.

Amber Harcus

On Monday 6th October I went, with Mrs Franklin and Amber to High Peak Night Stop, Buxton to help deliver the food that the school had given for Harvest.


It was a great chance to meet the people who ran the Night Stop and to see how they collected and stored the food. They were very thankful and they told us how it was going to help the homeless in Buxton and surrounding area. 

Marcus Connolly




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