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The College explore the Rainforest - in Sheffield!

The College explore the Rainforest - in Sheffield!

Visiting the Sheffield Botanic GardenWell it wasn’t quite the Amazon, but we did get as far as Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens to investigate the adaptations of rainforest plant species.This 19-acre site is a green haven within the busy city of Sheffield and in 2005 underwent a major restoration programme. Originally laid out in 1836, the Gardens are listed by English Heritage as a Grade II site and contain a number of listed buildings, including the stunning glass pavilions. It was here where the Kinder students could see many specimens brought back from equatorial zones; ferns, orchids and bromeliads were all on show and they sketched the plants and labelled their adaptations.


Sheffield's BearpitSheffield’s Botanical gardens was a fitting excursion as it married two of the humanities perfectly; while in Geography  the College consider rainforest and the issue of deforestation, in History the Victorian era remains the focus. Of course the visit would not have been complete without a visit to the bear pit: it is the finest surviving example in the UK and the superb condition of the structure is due to the many years it was used as Yorkshire’s biggest compost pit! Luckily it is now restored and Kinder enjoyed the spectacle of the statue and chatted animatedly about the issue of bear baiting as a spectator sport.

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