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The Really Wild Show comes to S. Anselm's

The Really Wild Show comes to S. Anselm's

On Friday 16th January Years 3 and 4 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Really Wild Show. This visit complements their Geography topic work and enhances their knowledge of animals that live in either a Rainforest or Desert habitat.

The Year 4s were able to hold a boa constrictor, a large millipede, a giant African snail and a gecko but unfortunately the tarantula had to stay in her Perspex box (much to the relief of the staff present!)


The Year 3s held the same animals but with the added bonus of a bearded dragon who they learnt is able to camouflage itself and use its spikes to scare away any animals that are a threat to it.


There were some great questions asked and many facts learnt.  The children clearly loved the experience of being up close to animals they would most likely not encounter regularly (if at all). A warning to parents, however, many decided that some of the animals will definitely be on their next “pet request list” for home!

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