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A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16

The S. Anselm's Boarders Halloween Zombie Chase

The S. Anselm's Boarders Halloween Zombie Chase

65 boarders joined in the Boarding Zombie Chase on an eerie and damp Friday night. After a spooky supper where an abnormally large figure (Mr Mortimer) in a dark long coat and a white mast lurked mournfully at the windows. This caused shrieks and in the panic a plate was dropped and smashed on the floor! The boarders, all dressed up in their bloodcurdling costumes, headed to the Hargreaves Hall. It was here that the lights suddenly went off and a barely human figure (Miss Howes) stumbled down the steps, half dead looking for help with a note in her hand:

 Zombies have taken over the school. You must act quickly if you want to find the cure. Clues have been left around the school where humans once were before the zombies got them. You must piece together the information to solve the puzzle. Each clue has some information that must be remembered and also the location of the next clue. The Doctor is trying to find a cure so he will need to ask you questions about the zombie attack. He has a secret laboratory that you must find once you have all the clues. Good luck.

Zombie Teachers at S. Anselm's

The lights went out and when they came back on the body had vanished. From here the children set off in groups to try and find the cure. The first clue sent the children down to the Headmaster’s Lawn by the flagpole. Zombies were creeping in the darkness ready to attack their next victim with the slash of a pen, which would decrease the amount of antidote (tuck) they would receive.

Halloween Zombie ChaseThe next clue A little nursery girl was once seen feeding the birds here down a secret path before being eaten by crows sent the pupils down the dark paths behind the pre prep. At one stage the evil clown (Mr Wood) leapt out of the bushes as a scared group ran past causing several members to jump out of their skins and fall down the hill in the mud.

Where children once played grounders, only zombies remain. They then headed to the climbing frame where the haunted Miss Flack was lurching before having to pass the bones of Mrs Brailich and the terrifying Mrs Corner who had white eyes and backcombed hair – enough to terrify even the zombies. To Top Field they went, was anyone lurking in the farthest corner of the School grounds? Well for those who thought they were free they had a demonic Monk to contend with (Mr Robinson) who was silent but certainly deadly. I’m not sure what the neighbours thought of the screaming, which I’m sure could have been heard at the S. Anselm’s Winter Ball at Hassop Hall but the children had a scream! Most groups managed to find the Doctor (Miss Renshaw) who asked them vital questions after they found the seven clues to help formulate a cure.

The Boarders' pumpkins

 A brilliant start to the Halloween weekend with the pumpkins, Gravestones and Glow in the dark Skeletons thanks to Miss Phillips, Mrs Brailich and Mr Robinson.