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The S. Anselm's Sailing Regatta

The S. Anselm's Sailing Regatta

Sunday morning dawned and we feared the S.  Anselm’s Sailing Regatta may not be able to go ahead due to high winds, but fortunately we were ablet to brave the gusts and enjoyed a fabulous afternoon of sailing.

All of the participating children did tremendously well, many of them sailing for their first time and despite the shockingly cold water, many rushed back out to do it again. A huge thank you to our safety crew (Mr Thornhill, Mr Raper and Mr Hickman) and to all of the parents to helped launch and catch boats – it really does make the day possible and enable it to run so smoothly.

The pictures of the day really do tell a thousand words and so you can see for yourself the fun everyone had (more pictures can be found on the school Facebook page). 


Many boats became submarines at some point during the day but we were hugely impressed by some of the children who climbed back on board and finished the race!

The results were as follows:

Pupils Individual Race

1st – Hector M

2nd – Harry T and Alex P

3rd – Henry H and Teddy R

4th – Archie P and James C

5th – Max N and Angus L

6th – Kyle C and Rufus L

7th – Beatrix L and Amelia E



Parent and Child Races


Race 1

1st – Hector M and Mr M

2nd – Teddy R, Seb R and Goodluck O

3rd – Archie P and Jack B


Race 2

1st  – Freya L, Eleanor B and Mrs B

2nd – Isobel E and Mr E


Race 3

1st – Seb R and Lizzie R

2nd – Rufus L, Angus L and Tom F

3rd – Teddy R and Vladimir P

4th – Sammy U, Hector M, Daisy L and Amelia E

5th – Mr and Mrs Bleckledge and Louis G


Race 4

1st – Vladimir P and Teddy R

2nd – Mr Nieper, Olivia A and Mia S

3rd – Hector M, Sammy U and Angus L


Race 5

1st – Angus L, Sammy U and Hector M

2nd – Mia S, Olivia A and Mr Nieper

3rd – Seb R and Max N

4th – Micheal O and Christian C

5th – Teddy, Vladimir and Mr C

6th – Harriet M, Lizzie R and Beatrix L


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