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Theatre Blah Blah Blah visit S. Anselm's

Theatre Blah Blah Blah visit S. Anselm's


All pupils in Years 5,6,7 and 8 had an amazing, thought-provoking and stimulating experience today (Monday 6th October) with the theatre-in-education company, Theatre Blah Blah Blah and their production of ‘Messerschmitt vs. Spitfire: A Love Story’. The story intertwined modern day life in Germany when an unexploded bomb was discovered in a river, with memories of some civilian experiences during World War 2. This fascinating story was told in both German and English.  



Here are some of the comments from pupils as they evaluated the experience:Airport to visit

“One of the best (experiences) I have had.”

“Sad, memorable, touching, interesting.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and useful to hear a German side of the story. Very informative.”

“The story about the firestorm was deeply moving and led to a mix of different emotions and thoughts. The facts and descriptions were very effective in painting a vivid picture of the terror it would have caused, even 70 years later.”

“The effects that war have on people’s lives and how it brings people together as well as pulling people apart.”

Originally we had planned that just Year 7 and 8 would experience this programme, but since the Year 5s are currently studying this period (as did Year 6 last year) we felt it would be most beneficial to open it up so that more pupils could gain such  an invaluable, learning experience.

Thanks go to Theatre Blah Blah Blah who have not failed to impress us yet again with an informative, quality piece of theatre delivered in our very own school.

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