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Weekend 3rd and 4th October, Harvest at the Howards Farm

Weekend 3rd and 4th October, Harvest at the Howards Farm

The Harvest Festival and England’s Tragic Loss in the RWC

Firstly thank you so much to all of the children and parents who managed to donate tins, dried food and produce for the Harvest Festival at School. The boarders celebrated Harvest in fabulous style at Mr and Mrs Howard’s Farm in Lincolnshire.

After the previous evening’s doom and gloom as England were thrashed by the Aussies, although some of the boys (the ones with minor family roots in Ireland or France in particular) seemed to see the humorous side of England losing, for the majority of us we certainly needed something to look forward to. After a hearty breakfast the boys and girls loaded the minibuses with shovels, swimming kit and we set off to the Howard’s Farm on what was a gorgeous Autumn morning. It was a crisp morning but we knew were in for a glorious day. On arrival we walked up the drive to the house with the Croquet Lawn in perfect condition, the football goals established, the tennis courts pristine and the swimming pool heated and ready for action. It was lovely to see some of the Lincolnshire families join us for the day. After a spot of delicious cake and juice Mrs Brailich and Miss Southam took some of the boarders for a swim whilst others opted to join Mr Wood for a game of croquet. What a lot of fun, incredibly competitive but being the first game for a number of weeks some lacked finesse and in the end we had our winners.

Harvest Festival at the HowardsThe smell of Lincolnshire sausages and potatoes filled the grounds as we all tucked into a lunch before racing over to the potato fields to dig up some of our own. Incredibly 45 million potatoes are farmed on the Howard’s Farm each year and we were lucky enough to dig up some of our own.

After a few more games, including Mr Phillips showing the boys how to head the football into the top corner from the free kick we congregated in the barn which was decorated with pumpkins, baskets of apples and hay bales ready for the Harvest Festival directed by Mr Percival. We sang with gusto and learned about the word Harvest and the importance of sharing at such an important time.

It was a tremendous day with many of the children saying how they can’t believe the weekend has gone so quickly!! They had such a wonderful time climbing trees, playing boules and croquet with their friends and with the parents.

Thank you so much to the Howard’s for hosting the Harvest Festival, it is always such a special and memorable occasion and a good time had by all. We got back just in time for roast lamb where we shared our stories and tales and settled down for the night with a few games of chess and cards and for the Year 8s football, as I had promised Marta and Rafael earlier in the term they could watch Athletico Madrid v Real Madrid.

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