S. Anselm's

A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16

Weekend Report 25th-26th April

Weekend Report 25th-26th April

What an absolutely fabulous week we have had in the sunshine at S. Anselm’s. It was only Tuesday evening when the boarders flooded back in great spirits after the Easter break. What a way to start the term for Tilly G who has joined us along with Humphrey M, Jaime L and Jimena G. It was Tilly’s birthday and she kindly brought back the most tasty tennis racket I have ever eaten to share with the girls in the dining room.

On Saturday the boarders were eager to get outside and enjoy the summer weather.  A lot of manhunt burnt off the energy and was a great way for the new boarders to mix in with everyone and have fun. After lots of running around the boarders dressed down for Saturday Night Treat with lemonade and popcorn in front of their films. Only once was the film disturbed when Luckcraft found out they had caught a rabbit and so as tradition would state, whatever we catch we must prepare and eat, which was a highlight for some and a bit gruesome for others!!

On Sunday morning we all thoroughly enjoyed the lie in, although when I did the morning rounds, most of the boys were fully dressed in their shorts and t-shirts with the sun beaming in through the windows with many playing cards and talking about what was in store for the day.

The Bushcraft went down superbly. The Year 7s did bushcraft in the morning while the Year 8s put pen to paper and got in a good hour's revision with Mr Carr before heading down to Bakewell with their £1 pocket money. They had a great look round Bakewell where the town smelt delicious from the top of the hill. It turns out, after the Year 8s went to explore, that the smell was the town hosting a food festival. The Juniors had a huge game of rounders with Miss Flack while the Year 7s were with Mr Wood and Mr Shepherd making fires with flint and steel, cooking up some game after preparing the bird.


In the afternoon we all went over to Youlgrave into the valley near Mr Carr’s house. The children made the most creative and quite impressive dens, considering there wasn’t too much wood lying around. After all of the fun in the hills, we made our way back to Mr and Mrs Carr’s house for another fire and toasted marshmallows.


That evening we came back for some free time and a delicious roast, expertly put on by Sue and Karen. With exeat this coming weekend we can have a good rest before the fun (and work!!!) continues!