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Wellies Choose their Charity for 2016-2017

Wellies Choose their Charity for 2016-2017

Wellies were asked to vote on the charity of their choice this year- Beatrix L told us about the work of the Parkinson's Disease Society, Bella B about the Children's Hospital, Jeremy DlH and Ben R about the RSPCA and the charity which received most votes this year, presented by Rufus T was Theo's Burn Unit (part of Sheffield Children’s Hospital).

The Burns Unit cares for young patients immediately after sustaining a burn injury and in the following weeks and has a dedicated team of excellent surgeons and a friendly team of experienced nursing and therapy staff giving highly skilled care. The Burns Unit has four inpatient beds and a daily dressing service and each bed space has a comfortable camp bed for parents to stay overnight as well as a play room for children with toys and our own play specialists to keep them entertained.

It is our intention to raise as much money as we can to provide a year-round support network for burns sufferers, including camps, days out and activities and a HUGE thank you must go out to all those who helped prepare wares for the Wellies Stall on Saturday after the House Steeplechase, those who helped, those people who spent some money and those who donated. The stall made a staggering £429.15 which is a fantastic start and we have much of the year to go with lots more events planned.

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