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Winding up Year 2s

Winding up Year 2s

This term, the Year 2s are being creative and getting to grips with winding mechanisms in their Design and Technology. After a brief discussion about the purpose of a winding mechanism, a challenge was set to work in partners and create one of their own.

A wide variety of materials was made available and the children were let loose! They could select whatever they wanted and then constructed it for themselves, tested it, solved any problems as they occurred and explored alternatives. The learning was shared and we found that we discovered most from those who had taken a unique approach to the task and even from those that hadn’t worked.

Dioramas  Winding Mechanisms

It was fascinating to see how the children worked collaboratively and there was a real buzz in the air as they engaged in the task. Watch this space for the final products as Year 2s have begun designing dioramas with a fully operational winding mechanism …