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Y1 news

Y1 news

Year 1 News - "All about me"

   Y1 in the Music School

Exploring schoolYear 1 have had a tremendous start to the term and are embracing their topic ‘All about me’. We have been thinking about our special senses we use to find out about the world around us – and we haven’t forgotten our sense of humourJ. We’ve investigated the flavours we associate with colours, sniffed a bunch of smelly socks and guessed what was inside, made elephant ears and went on a listening walk around school and thought carefully when describing objects that we could feel in our mystery bags! Whilst on our walk we heard Miss Flack clapping, a gate squeaking, Mr Robinson’s phone ringing, the work men banging with their tools and many other things!

All about me  

Additionally in literacy we’ve read the story Peace at Last written by Jill Murphy and shared our own special places where we can find a bit of peace, some of our ideas included floating in a cool pool and fishing by a calm river. We’re now preparing to write our own class book that will tell an alternative tale of Mr Bear’s journey to find his own peace at last.

Peace at Last