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Y1 playtime at Sudbury Hall

Y1 playtime at Sudbury Hall

On Monday the 2nd of November the Year 1 children were excited to begin their topic all about toys from the past and eagerly awaited the adventure to be had at Sudbury Hall Museum. After a rather foggy drive we were relieved to see the entrance to Sudbury Hall and we were warmly welcomed by our knowledgeable guides for the day.

Y1 Visit Sudbury Hall  Y1 visit Sudbury Hall

Toys through time at Sudbury HallOur adventure began as we took on the role of a chimney sweeper, sooty noses were compulsory! Once this tricky task was complete we explored the museum with curiosity and enthusiasm. We had the opportunity to look closely at push and pull toys, gravity toys, puzzles, games, bears, dolls and dolls houses and many other categories of toys – all of which were very different. We identified and compared their materials, how they were made, how they worked, who would have enjoyed to play with them and carefully played with the toys ourselves. The children were surprised to hear that most children made their own toys from materials that were going to be thrown away!

Victorian classroom at Sudbury Hall

After lunch we took a step back in time into a Victorian classroom, the children were shocked that there wasn’t an interactive whiteboard!  We empathised with children who would have had only one toy to play with, but envied their persistence – especially with the whip and top.


We took five minutes out to have a little lie-down and look at the upside down bedrooms. The children noticed the similarities and differences. Even though the rooms were on the ceiling we could still identify the toys through time in each bedroom.

Y1 Visit Sudbury Hall Y1 visit Sudbury Hall

A fantastic day at Sudbury Hall!