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Y2 Trip to the Sea Life Centre

Y2 Trip to the Sea Life Centre

Year 2 Visit the Sea Life Centre

Year 2 visited the Sea Life Centre in Manchester this week. First we went on the minibus and when we got there we had a class photo taken.

After this we all went to the rocky hide out, and some of us went into the tank with a hole in the middle. Next we saw the jellyfish. I loved the way they gracefully moved around. Later on we saw the terrapins swiftly swimming in their tank. Just before this we had been through a tunnel and seen a black tipped reef shark. Then we saw the seahorses curled around the waving seaweed. For my lunch I had a cheese sandwich, crisps, sausage rolls and carrot sticks.


After lunch we saw an amazing octopus. Then we went to a workshop with Amy, learning about how to “Save our Seas”. Finally we went back to school on the minibus. My favourite part of the trip was seeing the terrapins.

Matilda B.

Year 2 (age 6)