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Y2 Visit Bakewell

Y2 Visit Bakewell

Year 2 Bakewell Walk


As part of our topic on Bakewell, Y2 set off exploring round the town looking for animals that were hidden on different buildings. The animals could only be found by following instructions, using a map and working out clues with a partner. Once the animals were spotted the children collected an animal sticker and attached it onto their map.

En route we stopped, looked at and discussed the function of the buildings, what they were like in the past and how they have changed. After a good look round we ended up at the Old House Museum and found Mr Plant’s sheep. We attached our white ribbons to his frame to create his lovely fleece.

We were very lucky to end our trip with a visit to Mrs. Andrejczuks house where the children had a play in the garden and a cooling drink of juice and a delicious lolly.


We returned to school in the sunshine and shared our thoughts about our trip and what we had found out. WW