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Y2 are Diving Deep Under the Sea

Y2 are Diving Deep Under the Sea

Year 2 has got off to a big splash with our new topic learning all about the wonderful world under the sea! Having established our continents and oceans, we delved a little deeper and learnt all about the different zones of the ocean, the range of creatures living in the various habitats and how food chains work. Next, we wanted to find out all about the different threats to the oceans so we brought in some expert help.

On Wednesday afternoon, we were lucky enough to have a special visitor in school who has been scuba diving all around the world as part of different marine conservation projects. It was fascinating to meet Kathryn Donnelly and she captivated us all as she told us about her conservation work cultivating and developing seaweed and sea-cucumbers to help locals use the oceans more wisely.  Kathryn explained what marine conservation is and why it is needed and showed us her special diving equipment. We were very surprised by how heavy the dry suit and BCD was and we loved learning the sign language used by scuba divers to communicate underwater!

A huge thank you must go to Kathryn for giving up her time to come and visit. The children were buzzing with excitement after her visit and all reflected on a different aspect that they had enjoyed or would remember from the session.

Mr Watt also kindly visited the Pre-Prep this week and taught a great science lesson to the pupils in Year 2 to build upon and consolidate their learning about food chains under the sea. He talked to the children and was very impressed with their knowledge of what they had learnt so far this term. The children helped to replicate a food chain on land, with one pupil being some grass, another a worm and a final one a bird!

The children then had an activity to sort out a possible 5 step food chain which could be found under the sea. By the end of the lesson the pupils were confidently using words such as producer and consumer- very impressive indeed!