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Y3 Study Local Villages

Y3 Study Local Villages

On Thursday 5th May, Year 3 headed out into the Peak District for a combined Geography, Science and History field trip. Our first activity was a comparative survey of the villages of Great and Little Longstone where the children were looking at the differences in traffic flow in the two villages, the varying facilities and number of modern or traditional houses. Spirits were high in the perfect weather and the children were particularly excited to see both a bus and a tractor driving through Great Longstone! Having recorded lots of information in each village, we discussed whether the settlements were either linear or nucleated and why one village had grown larger than the other. 

Next was a short drive to Treak Cliff Cavern in Castleton. After the heat of the day, it was a relief to head underground where the children were treated to an informative tour of the cave system. Dripping ceilings, countless fossils and thousands of stalactites created an eerie atmosphere and the intrepid explorers had their first experience of total darkness when the tour guide switched off the lights! The children also learnt about Blue John, a mineral unique to the hill above Castleton, and many chose to buy a small piece from the gift shop as a souvenir of the trip.

As we exited the cave, the warm air hit us and it took a while for our eyes to get used to the bright light. We stood and admired some farmsteads dotted along the hillside and concluded that these were dispersed settlements, which meant that we have seen all three settlement patterns that we had been finding out about in Geography  lessons.

The children were very enthusiastic throughout the day and it was fun to take our learning out of the classroom and into the beautiful Derbyshire countryside!

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