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Y3 Trip to Treak Cliff Cavern

Y3 Trip to Treak Cliff Cavern

On Monday 9th June, in order to inspire us for our next Science topic on Rocks and Soils, Year 3 spent the afternoon in Treak Cliff Cavern, Castleton.

As we headed into the hillside, the air cooled and with all the rain that had fallen that morning, we were certainly able to see how the permeable rock lets water pass through!


Our guide gave us a talk about the history of the cavern and how the miners originally thought there may be lead in there. Then they discovered a dark rock which they thought may be coal. After taking it out into the light, they realised that it was really quite a nice blue colour and named it Blue John.  From that day on, the stone was mined, polished and used for jewellery. Castleton is still the only place in the world where Blue John can be found which makes it expensive to buy.

As we ventured deeper into the cavern we saw beautiful stalagmites and stalactites which looked like they were made out of treacle! We also saw thousands of fossils hidden up above our heads on the cavern ceiling.

After the talk was over, we had a little time in the gift shop to purchase something to remember our afternoon.

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