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Y3 Visit Cadbury World

Y3 Visit Cadbury World

On Thursday 26th February, Year 3 enjoyed a day at Cadbury World to find out more about how the origins of chocolate date back to the Aztecs. When we arrived, Curtis told us many interesting Aztec facts during a talk and some of us even managed to dress up in typical Aztec costume.


As the children have recently been studying this topic in their history lessons, we were able to answer many of the challenging questions and also found out lots of new facts to explore back in the classroom. We were all shocked with the amount of things the Aztecs used a cactus for… which included eating it, making tortillas, cactus wine, using it as glue, making roof tiles with it, sewing with the sharp spines and even using it as a punishment to hit naughty children with!


We all had the opportunity to examine a real cocoa pod and took pleasure in smelling the beautiful aroma of the cocoa beans found within it.

After lunch, we were guided through the exhibition starting in the Aztec Jungle, following the journey (with the help of a pirate!) of cocoa beans first arriving in Europe and then leading through to the Victorian era, where John Cadbury set up his first shop in Bull Street.

We listened to lots of information presented in a variety of interesting ways and then headed through to the Manufacturing and Packaging Area. Watching chocolate bars whizzing along conveyor belts and the smell of chocolate becoming increasingly stronger left many of us with mouths watering!


After a fun ride on mini cars through Cadabra land, we finally arrived at the Demonstration Area and were given a delicious pot of melted chocolate with a choice of toppings to devour! The tour concluded with a trip down memory lane for Miss Flack and Mrs Dinnigan as we all watched the different Cadbury advertisements from over the years.

Just like the chocolate bars on the conveyor belt, the day seemed to whizz by in a flash!

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