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Y3 visit Creswell Crags

Y3 visit Creswell Crags

On Friday 16th May, the Year 3 pupils travelled over to Creswell Crags to find out more about their history topic on ‘Early Man’. Jon, our guide, told us to put helmets with head torches on as we were going to visit a Stone Age cave. We wandered along a path and suddenly, to our surprise, out jumped a cave woman! She was dressed head to toe in animal fur, was holding a long spear and had mud on face to camouflage her! She told us how strange we all looked in our funny blue outfits and thought our helmets looked like skulls with fire attached. Her name was Enya and she took us to her cave. We all huddled together with our head torches on as Enya told us a fabulous story about when her grandmother was a girl and how she saved a baby wolf cub, and then managed to kill a cave lion. She explained that, in the Stone Age, stories like these would have passed from one generation to the next and all of her ‘wolf’ tribe loved to hear them.

We said goodbye to Enya and went to an outdoor classroom to try being archaeologists. The groups were given the task of carefully uncovering different remains such as bones and tools.


We used a trowel to remove the earth and then a toothbrush to remove any small pieces of dirt. We made sure we took lots of care so we didn’t damage the hidden items. Once all of the remains were found, we took them inside the classroom and tried to identify them. Looking at the teeth of the jaw bones helped us to identify if they were carnivores or herbivores.


Each group was then presented with a large box that contained all of the bones of a Stone Age animal. We had to examine the skeleton and piece together the bones to give an idea of what the animal was.


We managed to discover that we had the remains of a hyena, a deer and a cave lion. John, our guide, then let us put on a real animal fur, just like the Stone Age men would have worn.

After a peaceful lunch, sitting in the beautiful sunshine, we headed over to the field and worked in groups to build a Stone Age shelter out of branches and leaves. The next task was to try our hand at spear throwing. There was a reindeer target to aim at and we managed to kill five in total. Jon then gave us an ‘atlatl’ which is a piece of wood that can be connected to the back of the spear to make it go even faster.  Some of us were rather good at this, including Miss Southam!

Now that we had shelter and food to eat, the final task was to try to make fine. We worked in groups and used a bow, a shell, a stick and some wood. We had to wrap the bow string around the stick and then place it in the hole of the wood. We all worked together to push the bow backwards and forwards until we spotted smoke!

The final part of the day was led by Miss Flack. We explored the gorge and looked at all the different caves. At each cave, we tried to identify the natural advantages and disadvantages of each site.

We all loved the trip and are now looking forwards to investigating the ‘handling boxes’ that Creswell Crags have let us take back to school.

Dictated by 3F

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