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Y4 at Castleton YHA

Y4 at Castleton YHA

On Monday 7th March, Year 4 spent the day at Castleton YHA for an active day learning about the Invaders and Settlers of England.  The children’s first activity was to complete a Roman “testudo” formation, good enough to withstand the onslaught of foam balls thrown by the instructors and teachers.   

After successfully defending themselves, the children were then divided into groups and given the task of following written instructions to build a catapult. There were a few initial problems but eventually every group completed their weapon and fired large foam balls at a group of wode covered Celts!

Lunch was followed by our third activity which involved the children carrying a Viking longboat to “Lindisfarne”.  After raiding the “monastery” for gold coins and capturing a slave, the boats safely returned to “Scandinavia”.We then had a change of pace with our final outside exercise called “Jumbles”. The children had to read a map and find 10 signs within the hostel grounds that had jumbled letters written on them. Once they were all found, the letters had to be rearranged to make the name of either an animal or plant.

We then moved inside where the children were able to dress up in clothing from each time period we had been learning about. As well as the clothes, they were also able to hold and learn interesting facts about weapons, shields and armour.

It was an excellent day and extremely well run by the instructors at the youth hostel.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the varied activities that really brought our History topics to life!

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