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Y6 & 7 Visit to Bosworth Battlefield

Y6 & 7 Visit to Bosworth Battlefield

Bosworth proved to be a really interesting and worthwhile day and Years 6 and 7 took part in some really excellent hands on experiences which helped to bring History to life for the S. Anselm’s pupils. The children’s day included:

Bosworth Battlefield          Visit to Bosworth

Visit to BosworthGuided walk of the Battlefield Trail

The battle was brought to life through an excellent guided tour. The children were immediately divided into three armies; those of Richard III, Henry Tudor and the Stanley’s and each had a standard-bearer carrying the three distinctive flags. As we walked around the site she changed the position of these groups to reinforce the stages of the battle. The children were also asked to interpret objects and the group was able to learn the very latest information about the battle. 

The Exhibition

The award winning exhibition brought to life the story of the Battle of Bosworth and this fascinating period of history. The children were able to find out about the lives of those involved as Richard and Henry battle for the throne of England. They particularly enjoyed getting hands-on with the weapons wall, trying on armour, shooting the interactive long bow and seeing the gory practices of a barber surgeon.

 Les Routiers de Rouen 

As part of the historical re-enactment the children joined Captain Mortimer in his camp with his display of armour, weapons and combat techniques. All were asked to become new recruits and take part in a pole arm drill. We hope this was an experience which to brought to life the Wars of the Roses and the soldiers who took part in the Battle of Bosworth.

Visit to Bosworth  Visit to Bosworth


Visit to BosworthFalconry was an exciting way to capture the pupils' imagination. The falconry was used to teach about the use of birds of prey during the Medieval and Tudor periods. If the children asked a meaningful question with historical significance they were asked to come out and place the gauntlet on their left hand so they could feed the hawk or the owl. For many this was the day’s highlight and we were impressed by the questions the children were able to come up with.

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