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Y6 Investigate the Monsal Trail

Y6 Investigate the Monsal Trail

In the summer term the Year 6 study a theme from the local area in Geography. On Tuesday we were lucky to pick up the bright weather and dodge the rain, when we investigated how the Monsal Railway engineered through the landscape. Off we went on bikes hired from Hassop Station to investigate the wonderful geography on our door step.


The main task was to sketch and to marvel at the standard and the remains of the Victorian engineering; the embankments, cuttings, tunnels, bridges and the magnificent local landmark of the Headstone Viaduct, built by the Midland Railway in 1863. It bridges the River Wye and is 300 feet long, with five 50-foot span arches, some forty feet high at the centre.


The children also conducted a short visitor survey to find out where the many visitors had come from, how they got here, what method of transport they used and what would be their main activity during their visit to the Peak Park.

Many of those interviewed commented how polite the S. Anselm’s children were. The children enjoyed asking the questions and looked quite important with their papers and clipboard. We returned to school after a tasty hot chocolate.

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