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Y6 Visit London

Y6 Visit London


Year 6 had a great trip to London on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th June. We travelled by train from Chesterfield and successfully negotiated our way across London on the underground. We stayed at Southwark Travelodge, which was a good base, as it was within walking distance of the Tate Modern and the Globe theatre.

The first visit was to The Globe Theatre. The Globe was interesting to see and we learnt how it used to be surrounded by green fields, how sound effects such as thunder were created in the Elizabethan theatre and we were asked to imagine the atmosphere, the sights and the smells of the original Globe Theatre.

The Tate Modern, located next door to The Globe, was a real contrast. The huge empty spaces of the cleverly converted power station building could not have been more different to the traditionally constructed wattle and daub walls and thatched roof of The Globe.

At The Tate Modern, we went to the’ Matisse -The Cut-Outs’ exhibition. The cut paper artworks had real impact. Henri Matisse created them in in the last years of his life whilst in ill health and wheelchair bound. They were full of colour, energy and movement and it was fantastic to see how ideas and images had been simplified in such beautiful ways. The Year 6 pupils used coloured pencils in sketchbooks to record shapes, patterns and colours. This will inform their work they are doing in their Art class for the rest of the term.

On Monday evening, we ate at  Wagamama. The boys were lucky enough to get a section of the restaurant which was all theirs! Tired out from the excitement of the city, from all of the walking we had done and, in some cases, from the tummy bug, a good night’s sleep was had by all.


On Tuesday morning we went to The National Gallery. Here we met Sarah Tombs who is a curator at the Gallery. She engaged the Year 6 pupils in interesting and lively discussion in response to three great paintings in the Gallery’s collection. Rembrandt’s ‘Belshazzar’s Feast’, Titian’s ‘Bacchus and Ariadne’ and Holbein’s ‘The Ambassadors’. Perceptive, thoughtful and meaningful thoughts were shared and suggestions made when discussing these paintings. After the hour long session on ‘Reading Paintings’, pupils were allowed to choose a postcard from the Gallery shop. The postcard they chose was to show a painting in the National Gallery collection which appealed to them.

 The pupils the

n had to locate the painting in the Gallery and start jotting down words, phrases and metaphors which occurred to them when contemplating the painting. These initial responses were to then be developed into a poem. As a change from all the cultural experiences they had enjoyed, we visited Covent Garden and enjoyed an ice-cream in the sun before watching a couple of street performers: an excellent magician and rather an angry clown. As always, the pupils behaved impeccably.


On the return journey other train users were perhaps bemused to find a number of Year 6 pupils from S. Anselm’s busily composing poetry and drawing on the journey back up to Derbyshire.

We would like to thank Miss Southam and Mr Bonner for accompanying us on the trip and all the Year 6 pupils who showed such energy and interest and savoir faire.

Mrs Bennion and Mr Carr

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