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Y7 Visit to the David Nieper Factory

Y7 Visit to the David Nieper Factory

Just before half term the Year 7s had a really interesting and hands on outing to the David Nieper factory in Alfreton. Here we are, at the introductory session, kindly led by Christopher Nieper.

The trip was to complement the teaching of the Geography syllabus, which has been recently updated. The new emphasis of the economic theme is to think about where industry locates, why it locates where they do and how these locations may change over time. The visit to the David Nieper Factory gave the children an opportunity to design a questionnaire and find out about the processes of manufacture and then to consider why the Niepers have decided to keep the production in the UK rather than outsourcing.

The children were on good form and their preparation showed: they were able to ask many sensible questions and get a firm understanding of this business. From the introduction we went into the sewing workshop and now the children split into smaller groups so they could take part in the actual manufacturing: the coverings of buttons, tying bows and seeing the digitalising of the garment patterns were firm favourites.

Thank you to Christopher and his team for making the visit so informative, and fun.

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