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Y7 visit the Lowry

Y7 visit the Lowry

On Tuesday 23rd May Year 7 travelled to The Lowry at Salford Quays. The journey was part of the experience as we travelled by minibus, train and then tram to get there. Mr Wood introduced the Geographical aspect of the visit – looking at the changing nature of an industrial and post-industrial landscape. Pupils did a series of drawings looking across to the Lowry from Media City. After exploring Media City and having lunch we visited a temporary exhibition at The Lowry Art Gallery. The exhibition showed work by a young Artist called Katie Paterson, it was titled ‘Syzygy’. It was a very interesting exhibition and pupils enjoyed finding out about the links with Astronomy , Maths and Physics.

In the afternoon pupils enjoyed an Art workshop with an Artist, working in response to the paintings of Industrial landscapes painted by L S Lowry. Pupils looked at and thought about the Artist’s work, spent some time sketching from the paintings, then returned to the classroom to create their own response to what they had seen. It was an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Back at school in both Art and Geography lessons pupils will continue the theme of the work.

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