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Year 1 Investigating Materials

Year 1 Investigating Materials

As part of their topic the children in Year 1 have carried out several investigations using a range of materials. Firstly we looked at liquids and used our sense of smell to identify what they were; golden syrup was one of our favourite smells! We then watched how the liquids reacted when they were mixed together. We’re continuing to observe our liquid potions and record our findings.

  Y1 Investigate Materials        Y1 investigate materials

Y1 Investigating MaterialsThe next day we received a parcel full of chocolate Father Christmases, unfortunately they’d had a turbulent journey and as a result one was broken. We decided to explore which materials would protect the chocolates if we sent them on another journey! The children worked in pairs to design a test to investigate which material would be the most effective at protecting their chocolate Father Christmas –unfortunately this meant he had to go on a trip down the stairs and the playground slide. Fortunately for Father Christmas he was wrapped up in a newspaper which proved to be protective, the fleece unfortunately wasn’t.

Protecting Santa!     Protecting Santa

Once our investigations were over little could save the chocolates from the sweet cravings of 16 children. They were swiftly unwrapped and enjoyed by all!

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