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Year 1 Mission Star Gazing Report

Year 1 Mission Star Gazing Report

The astronauts eagerly prepared for their future star gazing mission by building a rocket (equipped with a very complex control panel), made helmets with crystal clear visors, completed their passport applications (which came back rather quickly) and of course applied for their astronaut identity pass. Little did we realise poor weather and an inevitable delay was ahead.

Finally, a day behind schedule, we had the all clear from the weather centre and the mission was ON! Space biscuits and energy juice were served as the astronauts discussed their roles and responsibilities– navigator, engineer and spacewalk co-ordinator to name a few. Once their space suits and helmets were on, passports scanned and identity passes authorised the astronauts were ready for Mission Star Gaze!

With torches and glow sticks in hand they disembarked the illuminated doors of their spacecraft (Mrs Scott’s Classroom). The astronauts had a few wobbles but quickly found their feet, hooray the space walk was most successful! With persistence and determination the astronauts fought tough conditions and remained positive on the sight of at least one tiny single star. However, the weather man had other intentions and the view above was rather murky. With thoughtfulness and extremely vivid imaginations we saw the ever famous Great Bear and Little Bear (believe it or not?!). 

On return to the spaceship the astronauts declared Mission Star Gazing - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!