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Year 1 Trip to Sudbury Museum of Childhood

Year 1 Trip to Sudbury Museum of Childhood

Year 1 Trip to Sudbury Hall Museum of Childhood Tuesday 8th November

On a beautiful, crisp autumn day, Year 1 travelled to Sudbury for their first outing of the year. Walking up to the front door of the hall we were amazed by the size of the chestnut tree leaves that looked ‘just like leather’!

Our day began with our toy workshop. As we had just started learning about toys from the past this was an excellent way to explore what toys were made from and the similarities and differences between old and new toys. Our two guides told us lots of information and let us try a variety of toys.


We even discussed science as we decided which force was being used to make the toy move. Not just pushes and pulls, but turns and gravity too.

We loved the zoetrope!

After a delicious packed lunch we were ready to explore the rest of the museum. We learnt about outdoor toys and how they were often made for the children by relatives, including a very scary looking ‘trolley cart’!

And of course no visit to Sudbury Hall would be complete without a trip up the chimney. It turned out we were the perfect size to be a chimney sweep!