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Year 2 become scientists for the day

Year 2 become scientists for the day

This week, the children in Year 2 were kindly invited by Miss Howes to visit one of the Prep School Science Labs. They were all very excited to have the opportunity to wear proper lab coats and a pair of safety goggles!

Miss Howes first talked to the children about the importance of safety in the science labs and then showed the children an exciting range of experiments that they can look forward to doing, as they progress though the school.

The children saw the colours of the pH scale when acids were mixed with alkalis. Then they looked at how the colours are produced in fireworks, as most metals burn with a different coloured flame; lithium being used to make red fireworks and copper to make green ones, as well as how iron metal is used to make sparklers.

Finally, they watched as Miss Howes turned bubbles into fire, using methane gas and fairy liquid.

The children can’t wait to visit the science department again!