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Year 2 visit the Plague Village of Eyam

Year 2 visit the Plague Village of Eyam

To round off our super topic about the bubonic plague that hit Eyam in 1665 the children eagerly looked forward to visiting the place where the terrible disease wiped out many of the inhabitants. Armed with clipboards and the challenge of answering tricky questions, we ventured off into the museum to have a look around. We were introduced to the plague by watching a short DVD. Eagle-eyed we looked for the answers to the questions and worked collaboratively in our groups. Following an interesting look around the museum we headed off to look at the plague cottages and information notices to read. Much fun was had once we found the stocks!                            


We entered St. Lawrence’s Church to view the beautiful stained glass window that tells the story of Eyam and looked at the register that showed the names of the plague victims. A quick look around the church yard revealed the grave of Catherine Mompesson. We also spotted the Celtic cross. A tasty biscuit and drink of juice refreshed us before our trip back to school. A fun and informative time was had by all. Year 2 have really enjoyed this fascinating topic.


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